Leading at the Speed of Trust

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The Challenge

Cultures of trust can only thrive above-board. Trust is a learnable skill that can be earned. Teams and organisations that operate with high trust significantly outperform those who do not cultivate trust at the core of their culture. Developing trust helps team members become energised and engaged. They collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and achieve sustainable results. Trust comes with practise and constant reinforcement. Complex educational problems cannot be solved with the stroke of a pen, a leadership mandate, a training programme, restructuring, or changing a system. Although these elements can be helpful; all grand strategies must eventually degenerate down to real work done by real people.
‘The Speed of Trust Transformation Process’ is leverage that dramatically impacts educational outcomes through changing the performance of individuals and teams. Creating a high trust, highly engaged culture is the ultimate, long-term competitive advantage.


Inner congruence, character and principles


A language to understand credibility and trust issues


Declaring our positive intent of mutual benefit

Declare It

Avoid the taxes of unclear motives and agendas


Upgrade your skill-set to be relevant


Get everyone learning, growing and developing new skills


A real key to success - responsibility for results


Create a high trust culture to increase everyone’s performance

The Trust Solution

The vital currency in today’s collaborative world is trust. Stephen Covey in his best-selling book ‘The Speed of Trust’, affirms that you can forego the slow, time–killing bureaucracies put in place because of mistrust, and start accelerating forwards by moving at the speed of trust. The solution is to “Replace suspicion with productivity and uncertainty with prosperity through trust.” Communication, creativity, and engagement can only improve with trust. Productivity speeds up and costs decrease as attention is redirected toward objectives instead of suspicion and frustration. In Leading at the Speed of Trust leaders become competent in using the framework, language, and behaviours that lead to high-trust teams. Leading at the Speed of Trust 3.0 will provide the mindset, skillset, and toolset that will measurably increase a leader’s ability to deliver results in a way that inspires trust.

Get Results in a Way that Inspires Trust

  • Increase your personal credibility and influence
  • Extend appropriate levels of trust with staff and peers
  • Adopt and apply the 13 Behaviours that build, maintain, and restore trust.
  • Improve results by building a high-trust culture among your staff
  • Identify and address “trust gaps” so that you can improve communication and increase productivity
  • Manage change better and lead high-performing teams that are agile, collaborative, innovative, and engaged.
  • Create a Trust Action Plan to increase personal credibility and influence.

What People Say

“The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders — customers, suppliers, and employees—is the critical leadership competency in the global economy.”

STEPHEN M. R. COVEY, Author of the Speed of Trust

“You may not be able to control everything, but you can influence certain things. Trust starts with you.”

STEPHEN M. R. COVEY , Author of the Speed of Trust

“Trust is like the air we breathe. When it’s present, no one notices. When it’s absent, everyone notices”

WARREN BUFFET, Investor, philanthropist
“Trust is a critical component in managing change and executing strategy, both so necessary to drive up results”
EILEEN KRAUS, Former Chairman, Fleet Bank

Participant Kit

  • Attend the course in a one-day or two-day format
  • Trust Quotient online 360o Assessment
  • Leading at the Speed of Trust Participant Guidebook
  • Weekly Trust Huddle Guide Leader Guide
  • Leading at the Speed of Trust Book
  • Speed of Trust Digital Coach App
  • Speed of Trust Action Cards
Leading at helped of trust training

The Book

This is a groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting book. It articulates why building trust is a key leadership competency and how to inspire trust in our personal and professional relationships.

Training Formats

These are tailored programmes for your staff that take place on-site within your school, college, university, or conference facilities.

These public events take place throughout the country and tailored to specific audiences.

Licensing provides the opportunity for you and your team to receive accreditation and the licences to deliver the FranklinCovey programmes yourselves.