Outstanding Leadership – 4 Roles of Great Headteachers

Outstanding Leadership – 4 Roles of Great Headteachers 2017-05-09T09:35:58+01:00

Great Leaders Empower Others to Lead Themselves

The challenges facing headteachers have never been greater, however, effective leadership is possible. By learning practical skills based on timeless principles you can cut through the clutter of today’s education environment and engage the best in all stakeholders. Effective leadership empowers staff to take on distributed leadership roles which enable headteachers to stay focused on the most important thing for their school. Outstanding Leadership brings FranklinCovey’s premiere leadership training to headteacher’s and education leaders. This inspiring and rigorous two- day training challenges headteacher’s to adopt a leadership paradigm of release, not control. The workshop focuses on practical skills and tools they can take back to their schools, enabling them to align school systems with a shared school vision, unleash staff talent, and become a truly great leader.


Healthy body provides the foundation for great work


Healthy food, physical exercise, safe environment and rest.


Strong relationships provide the foundation for trust


Working together toward a common goal with kindness and nurturing


Continuous Learning and personal growth


Reading, hobbies, training and collaboration


Pave the way to work at your full potential


Nourish your spirit with a peaceful approach to life’s challenges

Together is Better

Most headteachers feel that they have far too few opportunities to connect with other headteachers and learn together. Experts agree that headteachers need strong peer support networks. The Outstanding Leadership course is designed to foster collaboration and best practice sharing. Participants won’t just listen to a presenter but will actively participate in a learning cycle with other headteachers that includes opportunities for practice and reflective feedback which will hone leadership skills.

Two-Day Course

  • Overcome the four chronic problems within education today
  • It all starts with you, master the 4 Roles of great leaders
  • Increase your staff’s level of engagement
  • Sharpen your skills as a leader to strengthen your character and competence
  • Build a shared vision that is clear and compelling to all stakeholders
  • Identify the most important challenge – “the wildly important gap” – that lies between where your school is now and your vision for it.

  • Align all your school systems to enable your school’s vision to be realised.

  • Unleash the potential of your staff without external motivation

What Headteachers Say

“This course has made me a much better headteacher. It was thought provoking and inspiring. I left with a plan to implement the changes I want in my school.”

Rae Walker, Headteacher, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland

“I cannot recommend the training highly enough. I found it to be highly motivational and reignited my passion for teaching. The training, no matter what role you hold in school, headteacher, cleaner, pupil, cannot fail to inspire, challenge and reinvigorate.”

Lisa Withe, Headteacher, Applecroft School, England
Outstanding Leadership Training

What you will Learn

  • How to be a more effective leader by learning the 4 Roles that enable headteachers to unleash the greatness within their school
  • Discover the Whole-Person Paradigm – a foundation of effective leadership
  • Utilise the powerful LQ Assessment to pinpoint your leadership strengths and areas for improvement
  • Learn how to use and apply powerful leadership tools such as the 4 Disciplines of Execution to problems facing your school
  • Gain a framework to implement these leadership skills upon returning to your school
  • Learn how to release the talent and passion of everyone in your school
  • Learn the 13 behaviours that headteachers can use in any meeting to build high-trust relationships
  • Gain valuable time for reflection and to work with other headteachers in a collaborative environment