The Leader in Me

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The Leader in Me

The Leader in Me paradigm is that every child is capable of being a leader. Based on ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey, The Leader in Me is a whole-school transformation process that integrates principles of leadership and effectiveness into the school curriculum. The Leader in Me is not an event or a curriculum, but rather a component that establishes leadership development everywhere, all the time. Instead of teaching leadership as a “subject” once a week, teachers make leadership training part of everything they do. Essentially, it’s not doing one more thing; it’s doing what you’re already doing in a better way. The leader in Me aligns Academic systems whilst creating a culture of personal leadership to achieve sustainable results.


Communicating people's worth and potential that they are inspired to see it themselves

Process, Not Programme

It takes time to implement, not a quick fix solution


Intentionally creating the right culture of personal leadership that empowers everyone to be leaders

Provides a Framework

It gives your school a common language to deal with everyday challenges


Achieve school-wide goals by overcoming the daily whirlwind to focus on the wildly important

The 4 Disciplines

Focus on the wildly important, act on lead measures, create a compelling scoreboard, create accountability


Teachers use methods that empower pupils to lead their own learning and develop emotional intelligence

Align Academic Systems

Involve pupil, staff and family learning to impact the wider community

Be Inspired by The Leader in Me

The Leader in Me Process

The Leader in Me provides schools with a proven process to implement a personal leadership culture that is built on the foundation of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits character skills. It provides a clear system for teaching life skills to pupils that creates a culture of pupil empowerment based on the principle that every child can be a leader. The process enables greatness in children, teachers and schools. Schools follow a tried and tested framework that can be successfully implemented and personalised from a four to seven-year period. The Leader in Me has been implemented in over 3000 primary and secondary schools worldwide and the concepts are practiced by global education thought leaders.

Leader in Me Outcomes

  • Self-confidence – pupils gain a mindset and skill set that they can apply in any situation
  • Responsibility – pupils and staff take ownership and responsibility for their learning which leads to increased life aspirations for all
  • Teamwork – staff and pupils create a highly collaborative culture whereby everyone is rowing in the same direction
  • Initiative – staff and pupils practice personal leadership that results in a proactive approach in self, class and school improvement
  • Creativity – staff and pupils begin to see more possibilities and explore alternatives to improve the teaching, learning, results and the culture of the school
  • Leadership – staff and pupils embrace a culture of distributed leadership that leads to every single person leading themselves
  • Community – parents are taught the 7 Habits by their children and are given the opportunity to attend the course which results in a more supporting home environment

What People Say

“Children demonstrating low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, poor self- regulation, a blame mentality were all challenges we faced daily at Fair Isle. When people enter the school now, they talk about the calm, nurturing family feel, and the positive ethos it has where everyone feels valued. They encounter the majority of children on task, engaging with confidence in their learning and if there is any conflict, generally speaking, it is resolved through facilitated discussion. Children have the opportunities to develop leadership in a variety of ways. The 7 Habits have without doubt been instrumental in all these changes.”
Mrs Rae Walker, Head Teacher, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland

“The Leader in Me is full of uplifting examples of how to develop children’s abilities. It sets out a transformative process that is rooted in inspiring ideas about children’s and teachers’ – real capabilities, which have used it to effect radical and positive change. The Leader in Me shows that the leadership we need to transform education is not outside our schools but within them, and especially in the children themselves.”

Sir Ken Robinson, International Education Advisor and Bestselling Author

“Since the Leader in Me was introduced at Giles, the staff have commented that the children are much more polite and are getting down to the business of education is so much easier because pupils understand expectations, understand why they need to learn and are able to self-regulate and display resilience, working well in teams. The 7 Habits have certainly enabled a powerful cultural shift.”

Heather Davies, Headteacher, Giles Junior School, England

“The principles taught and modelled in the Leader in Me are the very elements we want the leaders of today to possess. To have our children practicing and developing these traits in their youth can translate to men and woman who truly matters in measuring success.”

Professor Clayton Christensen, Professor of Harvard Business School
“Over the past few years Mrs Walker has introduced us to the 7 Habits which have changed my life dramatically because my old school was a jumble of negativity and violence. When I was in P2 that’s when The Habits came. They helped me to organise my work and my life. I would describe them as little imaginary companions. Mrs Philp helps us to use them more. I was quite stressed and nasty but I said STOP remember the 7 Habits. I am proud to be in a school with the Habits.”
Samanta, Primary 5 pupil, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland

“Having taught in other schools, you can see the effect the 7 Habits have on the children within Fair Isle. They take responsibility for their actions and strive to be leaders. Using the language isn’t forced and the children remind each other of them constantly. For them, and now me, the 7 Habits aren’t just a school thing, they are a way of life.”

Miss Murray, Class Teacher, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland

“The Leader in Me is one of the most inspired efforts taking hold today in our schools. If you care about education, you need to get involved.”

Daniel Pink, Author
“I am in no doubt that the 7 Habits have changed me and the school as a whole. Before the Habits were put in place there were so many fights in the playground, almost every day, but now there is only the odd one or two and they are usually sorted out in a short time. The 7 Habits that get used the most are Habit 1: Be Proactive and Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind, but my most used Habit is Habit 6: Synergize. I like that because I love working as part of a team and I also like helping people.”
Scott, Primary 7, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland
“I have been incorporating the 7 Habits as a part of my teaching, learning and daily classroom routines. The 7 Habits gives my pupils and I a common language when we are talking about skills, attributes and behaviours. For example, we begin every lesson with Habit 2 (‘Begin With The End In Mind’) deciding on goals together for our lesson. Giving every child the chance to be a leader in the class has had outstanding results in building ownership and confidence in even the shyest pupils.”
Miss Sellar , Class Teacher, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland
“The training I received on the’Leader in Me’ was truely thought provoking and motivational. It has enabled me to see how powerful a tool this could be in schools; reinforcing that each person is special and unique and unlocking the unique leader in everyone. It is a process that is very much about the adults as it is the children with ‘The Leader in Me’ aimed at developing the essential life skills needed in order to thrive in the 21st century. I couldn’t recommend the training more highly.”
Paul Wyatt, Deputy Head, Applecroft School, England
“When you walk into Fair Isle Primary school you get ‘the feeling’. No one knows what ‘the feeling’ is or how to describe it. I believe it is knowing that you are in a school that is vibrant, accepting and most importantly…happy. The 7 Habits have taught our children and families that they are in control of their thoughts, actions and reactions. The happiness in Fair Isle is knowing that we are all important and worthy of achieving all we want in life whilst being motivated to do so. Practising the 7 Habits has created a sense of calm and a sense of belonging for all our children.”
Mrs Beattie , Class Teacher, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland
“I have personally seen a big change in the general responsibility and behaviour in our school since we first introduced The 7 Habits. One of the first major changes I noticed was in myself. Before the Habits I used to be bossy, and in group tasks it was my work and no one else’s. As a result of that I got very stressed but The Habits, particularly Habit 5 and 6 changed that. I learned the importance of listening and sharing ideas, as well as synergising and know I am not bossy anymore.”
Hanna, Primary 7 pupil, Fair Isle Primary School, Scotland

Leader in Me Benefits

  • Gain access to FranklinCovey’s world class education content
  • Be part of a supportive worldwide network of over 3000 schools
  • Get your staff to utilise the Leader in Me online website with over 100 training videos, lesson plans and resources
  • Join our network of schools that are becoming the thought leaders of today and the industry leaders of tomorrow
  • Gain access to the Leader in Me from as little as £2,150 per year
Developing leadership in schools

The Book

This truly inspiring book shows how schools all over the world are transforming education by teaching the 7 habits to their staff, pupils and families. It demonstrates how personal leadership and positive culture building impacts academic results and wellbeing.

Training Formats

These are tailored programmes for your staff that take place on-site within your school, college, university, or conference facilities.

These public events take place throughout the country and tailored to specific audiences.

Licensing provides the opportunity for you and your team to receive accreditation and the licences to deliver the FranklinCovey programmes yourselves.