Life Skills Coaching for Teenagers

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7 Habits of Teens

Why a Teen Coach?

Life skills coaching for teenagers is a branch of life coaching. It is designed to encourage personal growth in teenagers whilst providing a framework with solutions for the challenges they are facing. Today’s teenagers do experience many more difficulties because they are going through dramatic changes in a rapidly changing world. For parents and schools, it’s a permanent struggle to keep up with the impact of these changes. Teenagers are exposed to more at an earlier age and have to deal with more pressure but have much less independence than previous generations. Teenagers can feel overwhelmed by the pressure and worries – a Life Skills coach helps teens and parents navigate the most critical times of a teen’s life by building strong relationships, accountability, self-reflection, improved self-esteem, focus, parental and coach collaboration.


Get in touch with their purpose in life for a happier and more successful life


Figure out who they are and what direction they want to take


Figure out what's important to them, and what kind of a life they want to live


Align what is important to them and how they would like to live their life


Identifying self-limiting habits and replacing them with good habits for better results


Replace self-limiting beliefs with self-empowering ones


Taking responsibility for their actions gives them the power and control over their life


It teaches teens how their choices determine the results they experience

Life Coaching for Teens

Teenage years are turbulent – teenagers begin to fight for their independence and parents need to overcome the urge to fight to maintain control, instead they need to begin to wisely extend the leash and foster independence. Life coaching for teens is a useful solution for the times when they are experiencing difficulties. At the United Education Group, our teen coaches use a coaching framework based on ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers’ and ‘The 6 Most Important Decisions’, best-selling books. The tools and strategies build responsibility, confidence and relationship skills. Each session will last one hour. Tools such as journaling, questioning, games and activities are used. Our teen coaches give teenagers the confidence to realise their potential.

Life Skills Coaching Process

  • First step, with your teen onboard, is to find a coach that both you and your teenager trust and feel confident with
  • Each session will last for one hour and a course of seven sessions is booked.

  • Sessions will establish where any problems lie, what kind of attitudes and values your child holds and work out what actions are needed for them to move forward

  • The cost of a coaching session is £100 an hour. This price is dependent on travel and the length of sessions.
  • Coaches have the relevant experience and are thoroughly trained in the FranklinCovey processes.
  • All teen coaches are DBS checked to ensure they do not have a criminal record.

What Teenagers Say

“I liked the habit of choice. The course was really good. It helped me change my attitude towards school, parents, work, and lots of other stuff.”

Oliver Wilkins, 15 years old
“For me the biggest aspect that I felt applied to my life was the emphatic listening. It was extremely valuable and useful. I think that the course was good at provoking deeper thoughts and good at encouraging us to look at ourselves and focus on us. This isn’t really done, or encouraged much at school, or in other places. Making the experience very unique.”
Hannah Back, 15 years old

“It helped me not only to learn more about myself, but it also taught me skills that are really useful for being able to lead a more effective and productive life.”

Dani Pautz, 14 years old
“You must take this course because it teaches you all about self-confidence and how to see yourself and the world in a much more effective way.”
Ra-Maar Dronca, 15 years old
“My favourite habit was habit 5 – Seek First to Understand, then be Understood. I loved doing this course, not only was it educating, but I had a lot of fun. The course leaders were amazing and so inspiring. I would definitely encourage others to go.”
Nicki Wientjens, 12 years old
7 Habits of Teens Training

Benefits of Coaching for Teenagers

  • Overcome stress, depression, anxiety, and confusion about who they are and what they really want
  • Handle friendship challenges (growing apart, betrayal, conflicts, competition)
  • Deal with self-imposed and peer pressure
  • Build personal leadership and self-responsibility
  • Improve family relationship challenges
  • Overcome academic pressure with emotional wellbeing
  • Build self-confidence and strengthen decision making skills
  • Encourage a healthy body image and self-acceptance
  • Navigating sex, dating, alcohol, drugs and relationships with parents and peers