Leadership Coaching for Headteachers

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Why Leadership Coaching?

Headteachers play a vital role in schools – the success of a school is determined by their ability to create a shared school vision, inspire and motivate their staff by empowering them to lead themselves, align the school systems to the vision and unleash the potential of their staff. However, as a headteacher you can feel lonely and isolated at the top. Sometimes you feel as if it’s a matter of just getting through the day. The pressures, expectations and challenges are enormous and most of the time headteachers are left to ‘just get on with it’. A leadership coach helps head teachers with their vision, commitment and drive so that their school can excel. Valuable space is created to reflect on their role as leaders and on what matters most. It’s an opportunity to discuss, share and test out your ideas and thoughts with someone, outside of education, who has no hidden agenda or judgment.


Model character and competence to build a culture of trustworthiness


Consistently model behaviours that build trust and credibility


Build a shared vision that inspires people emotionally and increases engagement


Get staff to volunteer their best efforts with creative excitement and heartfelt commitment


Deliver your school's vision by aligning all systems to what matters most


Set meaningful goals that promote the worth and potential of all staff and pupils


Empower your staff to realise their potential through distributed leadership


Great leaders release the talent and potential of everyone within the school

How Leadership Coaching Works

Many headteachers feel guilty investing time and money in their own performance and wellbeing with coaching. This is misdirected because unless they continuously develop their leadership skills year-on-year they will not be able to add value to their school. Coaching enables headteachers to create a clear distinction between management and leadership of their school. It helps you build a culture of distributed leadership throughout the school with all your teachers rowing in the same direction. If you want outstanding teachers and staff and motivated students then it’s important to support the school’s leaders with continued personal and professional development. Investing in coaching for headteachers is an effective way to fulfil their potential as a leader and deliver results for the school.

One-to-one Leadership Coaching

  • The coaching process focuses on self-development and is aligned to the National Standards of Excellence for headteachers
  • We work with headteachers, deputy and assistant headteachers, and senior leadership teams
  • The coaching process enables headteachers to lead with character and competence
  • Our approach is to confront the reality of where you are and identify where you would like to be, then provide the tools to close the gap

  • Leadership coaching sessions help you grow so that you can in turn become better at growing your staff and pupils.

What Leaders Say

“Coaching enables headteachers – with the personal leadership skills and emotional tools that are needed to overcome the challenges of leading a school.”

Clinton Lamprecht, Chairman, United Education Group
“Leadership coaching develops the character and competence of a headteacher so that they are able to build high-trust relationships – this trust creates a highly collaborative school culture that delivers outstanding results.”
Clinton Lamprecht, Chairman, United education Group
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Advantages of Leadership Coaching

  • increased reflectivity and clarity of thinking which results in higher productivity
  • Self-confidence to face the challenges critical to meeting current and future education demands
  • Improved communication skills and relationships
  • Maximise potential and unleash latent productivity
  • Improve work performance, staff effectiveness and school management
  • Professional and career development that results in a better work/life balance
  • Collaborative school culture of high aspirations
  • Minimise the stress of your role and increase your wellbeing
  • Become better by having courageous conversations with staff, parents and governors because you understand the role these conversations play in determining key outcomes