The Leader in Me Delivers Results

The Leader in Me Delivers Results

The Leader in Me can work in any school. It is customisable, allowing schools to integrate the process in a way that works best for them. Regardless of country, socioeconomic status, urban or rural setting, we all want the same thing; pupils who see their worth and reach their potential.

Located in an impoverished area in Taipei City, Taiwan, Baochang Elementary School was working hard to help their pupils—many of whom either came from single-parent homes, being raised by grandparents due to an incarceration, or had mothers who were foreign brides and did not speak Chinese. This adversity led to low academic performance and behaviour issues.

At the start of The Leader in Me programme, teachers took a full semester to deepen their learning and integrate the 7 Habits into their personal lives. During the second semester, their focus moved to building the leadership environment and teaching pupils and families the 7 Habits by:

  • Utilising the Student and Teacher guides to teach the principles and key concepts behind the 7 Habits.
  • Empowering pupils to share the 7 Habits at home by developing “Teach to Learn” lessons.
  • Offering multiple opportunities for families to engage in 7 Habits training.
  • Intentionally involving pupils in creating interactive displays with purpose.

Once pupils understood the 7 Habits, staff held a “real world” job fair to identify leadership roles for all pupils. Pupils chose three leadership-role descriptions and shared their résumé with the teacher representing those roles and before long all pupils knew how they would contribute.
On their first Leadership Day, the pupils “came alive.” They taught the 7 Habits and shared their Leadership Notebooks with family and community members that attended. The success of the day dramatically increased the teachers’ confidence in pupils’ potential.

  • The Staff Lighthouse Team is dedicated, cohesive, and purposeful.
  • Displaying their implementation plans and Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) in a common space.
  • Regular WIG Sessions help them gauge progress toward school, classroom, and staff goals.
  • Collaboratively set leadership and culture goals using assessment data and feedback.
  • Empower pupils to collect data regularly.
  • Share the correlation between measuring data and attaining goals.
  • Explaining the purpose of the WIG scoreboard so that all stakeholders can explain it in depth.

Prior to implementation, the school had below-city-average scores in English, math, and Chinese. Now their scores are twice the city’s average scores. In Chinese, the requirement for remedial help went from 30% to 4%. In math, the requirement for remedial help went from 28% to 15%. Baochang earned the government’s “National Character School” award. Parent satisfaction is at 95.7%. Family participation has nearly tripled. Baochang is now adding a second class of first graders due to high demand.

Sean Covey, FranklinCovey Education

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