Three Things Important in Education: Mental Health, Mental Health, Mental Health

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Successful living requires purpose. Without purpose there is no sense of resolve or determination, no reason for which something is to be learnt or done. In saying this, what is the purpose of our education system? Surely, it’s not to get children to solely excel at exams, develop superior intellectual powers or accumulate large sums [...]

Playing Russian Roulette with our Mental Health

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Something has gone drastically wrong in the last 25 years. We are in a national crisis. And it’s reached a critical state where our country’s mental health is under the spot light and undeniably of great national importance. The issues are only going to escalate over time if not tackled. But, what are the root causes and how do we find [...]

‘The Times They Are a-Changing’

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Results – The name of the game. In the September edition of Surrey’s Elmbridge magazine - blazed across the cover was the headline ‘the Top Ten Independent Schools in your Area’. Because I’m passionate about improving our education system, I quickly thumbed to the article which was written by an Ofsted inspector. The article had [...]