Solving the Well-being Mystery

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Our schools are under such enormous pressure to produce results that a teacher’s role by default is fundamentally to help pupils achieve academic success above all. Resulting in children believing that academic excellence is the sole purpose of their education. Sadly, the child is seen as a unit of production instead of a whole person, [...]

Leadership for Everyone in Your School

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Leader in Me is a process designed to help you transform your school in the areas of Leadership, Culture, and Academics to establish a leadership model - where everyone is empowered to be a leader, starting with the adults, then filtering down to the children. The personal leadership process not only transforms your school systems [...]

Three Things Important in Education: Mental Health, Mental Health, Mental Health

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Successful living requires purpose. Without purpose there is no sense of resolve or determination, no reason for which something is to be learnt or done. In saying this, what is the purpose of our education system? Surely, it’s not to get children to solely excel at exams, develop superior intellectual powers or accumulate large sums [...]

Playing Russian Roulette with our Mental Health

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Something has gone drastically wrong in the last 25 years. We are in a national crisis. And it’s reached a critical state where our country’s mental health is under the spot light and undeniably of great national importance. The issues are only going to escalate over time if not tackled. But, what are the root causes and how do we find [...]

Developing Leaders to Create an Outstanding School

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Edinburgh is fast becoming my second home. We have 13 ‘Leader in Me’ schools within 45 minutes’ drive from the vibrant Scottish capital. On a recent trip, I trained the full staff of Ormiston Primary School as they started their second year of the ‘Leader in Me’ implementation. My last visit to the school had [...]

Kings’ School Winchester – Our 7 Habits Journey

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Kings’ is a highly successful secondary school that achieves outstanding academic results and we pride ourselves on doing a good job of preparing our pupils for life beyond secondary school. Balancing our academic provision with a diverse range of extra-curricular activities, trips, Business and Enterprise opportunities as well as career advice. It would therefore be [...]

Educating the Whole Person

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I have three teenagers, and I’m always wrestling my thoughts on how best to prepare them for independent adult life. It concerns me that our schools don’t provide any real-life skills training for them and that the world outside of school requires more than an ‘academic’ qualification to survive and thrive. The world they are [...]

Three Deadly Poisons for Teenagers Today

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There are three metaphorical poisons that produce a deadly cocktail for teenagers in the 21st century. 1. Our toxic 21st century definition of success that is based on achievement, money, appearance, fame and power. This creates a culture whereby we are constantly comparing ourselves with others and it can make teenagers feel inadequate, inferior and [...]