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25 Latvian Headteachers visit Kings’

By | 27th June, 2019|Blog|

On the 26th of March, pupils from Kings’ school, Winchester, hosted 25 headteachers from the city of Liepāja in Latvia. The purpose of their visit was to learn more about how ‘leadership’ skills are developed within UK Secondary schools. Like most schools [...]

The ‘Big Me’ Culture vs Humility

By | 8th January, 2019|Blog|

In my first blog on character education I emphasised two points that are crucial: The necessity for children to apply their knowledge, so they develop disciplined habits that they practise in their daily lives - without application, virtues will not [...]

Character Education

By | 4th December, 2018|Blog|

In education today, the system forces our teachers to look intensely at their pupil’s academic results, to identify weaknesses which needs to be improved on to allow for their intellectual strengths to be amplified. When this becomes the main focus [...]

Two Challenges Teachers Face

By | 27th September, 2018|Blog|

Global events, our personal life experiences and our early childhood environments have a direct impact on us. Some of these life events can be small, whilst other larger events can have a far-reaching influence throughout our lives. These experiences on [...]

Leadership in Schools

By | 13th September, 2018|Blog|

What does an authentic leadership school look like? A good example of a school that has embedded a leadership culture throughout the whole school is Fair Isle Primary school in Scotland. Leadership is an integral part of everyday life in [...]

Leader in Me

By | 29th May, 2018|Blog, Education, Headteachers|

I am writing this whilst flying from Phnom Penh to Saigon, it's a 40-minute flight which allows me to reflect on my travels. I’ve had the luxury of bonding with my 18-year-old son Elliot in Cambodia and Vietnam for 10 [...]